About Us

Real Control Systems Pte Ltd
is a marine automation system service provider
incorporated in Singapore, provides control/monitoring system repairing  service for all
type vessels.

Our most specialized service is in the area of boiler control systems. With our long time
field experience, good knowledge in electronics, programing skill of PLC, we have the
capability to design a fully automatic boiler control system.

We specialize in:
  • Auxiliary boiler control system field service, troubleshooting and repairing.
  • Boiler control systems (BMS & ABC) design, installation and commissioning.

We also provide repairing service for:
  • Incinerators
  • Engine room alarm and monitoring system
  • Pressure and temperature control system
  • Inert gas system

For any control system/monitoring system failure, we are able to give you a solution in
most case at a lowest cost, as
  • Our familiarity with these systems minimize the time needed to identify the cause
    of the problem.
  • In case of the key component defective and it is no more available, we are able
    to use programmable device to replace it immediately.
  • Our expertise service will also significantly reduce your overall cost as less
    downtime is required and less man-hour is used.
Real Control Systems Pte. Ltd. BLK 2021 Bukit Batok Street 23, #03-188, Singapore 659526   Tel: +65 65626915   Fax: +65 65626279        E-mail: realcontrol@singnet.com.sg
REAL CONTROL SYSTEMS ----Your preferred service provider for boiler control system